MAS Skill Courses

Mental Arithmetic Solutions(MAS) skill is a comprehensive structured program, which basically puts into use an ancient tool called the "ABACUS" which contributes largely to the development of the brain in order to achieve increased Speed and Accuracy, Concentration, building a Photographic Memory and Perceptual capability thus activating the right brain and equipping the children with life time skills.

MAS -Skill is an organization which offers a step-y-step guidance and adopts motivational teaching methods to effectively activate the children's latent mental power which in turn contributes to the development of their Analytical ability, Creative ability and observing ability thereby increasing their power and self-confidence. MAS skill has given a packaged tailor made program in the name of its company.

In order to introduce this to primary school children a new "Begineers Program"with 3 levels was developed and it is the first of its kind in India specially to cater to the tiny tots of SBOA School and Junior College, Chennai. The entire program is structured as 8 modules, with the Basic Course having 4 modules and the Advanced Course having 4 modules. The children take 2 modules as course according to the level of understanding (Class). However there is a Fast Track Basic Course for seniors consisting of 4 modules. This program has been successfully conducted for the past 10 years for the benefit of the primary and secondary children