Our Academic System

The academic council of the school consists of Compartments Heads, and academic supervisors with the Prinicipal as the Team Leader. The council meets every term to plan out strategies for better performance of the teachers, materials, infrastructure and program for effective methodology. The whole year's plan concerning academics are analysed , discussed and finalized in the academic council. Mere knowledge imparting will not help the students to achieve the ultimate goal. Hence the school has deviced many systems to equip the students to achieve thier ambition.

School believes in fine tuning the bright students to bag the national ranks. In the heteregenous crowd of the class, minute detail may escape the notice of the bright ones. Hence the programme for high achievers all the teachers handling the class take turns to tutor these students. Their committed effort train these high achievers from different angles of the subject thus equipping them to realise their dream.

Teachers guide the slow learners to the path of victory by personalised coaching classes which is conducted after school hours.

Some slow learners (Public Exam going classes) need firm and repeated monitoring by the teachers to gain confidence to face the public exam. These students are coached and drilled in the evening hours under the supervision of the concerned teachers.

If slow learners lose the continuity they will go into a relapse, hence to keep the continuity of learning and monitoring teachers come during their vacation and coach them. Small tests and recapitulation done during this period keeps them abreast with the other students. The institution ensures that students not only learn the subject by mere reading but also gets hands on experience of the concept and hence the methodology is students centered and students friendly. Students are also given strategies for learning skills. Therefore we follow activity oriented teaching and subjects are taught through the digital contents provided through mart classes.