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  • RESULTS - X & XII (2022-2023)

    The SSCE and SSE results were published on 12th May 2023 and our school secured 100% results. In Class XII, 481 students appeared among which 404 students secured Distinctions and 76 secured First Class and 1 secured second class. ASWITHA SRIEE T of XII-C secured School First position with the score of 492/500. ASWATHI G of XII-G secured School Second position with the score of 491/500. RAHUL MALAIKANI of XII-E and Y SANJANA of XII-F secured School Third position with the score of 489/500.

    In Class X, 696 students appeared 575 students’ secured distinctions 97 got first class and 24 secured second class. YOGITA V of X-A, P V DHARSHINI of X-J secured school first position with the score of 498/500. GARGI PANSARI of X-C secured 2nd place with the score of 497/500. PRANAV R of X-F secured 3rd place with the score of 496/500.

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